History  of  IGP .....

I have been an active licensed plumber since 1996. My roots begin in Central Florida, where I was lucky enough to work on David Siegel's "Versailles" home, one of the largest single family residences in North America at 90,000 sq. ft and over 30 bathrooms.

In 2004, I moved to Oregon and took on more commercial plumbing projects, doing work for Xerox, Intel, Merix, Tektronix, the VA Hospital, ADM, Tokai Carbon and at the Ship Yard (to mention just a few, of many).

The residential sector is where I belong. It is where I get to meet the people and see their faces after the job is done, and their relief when a pipe stops leaking or when their hot water is back on. That, to me, is why I even got into this trade.

I moved to Kauai in early 2016 and established Island Guy Plumbing. I have always been hard-working and care about the quality of work I do. As a result, my work ethic and now business model are the same... "Professional, Quality Work at an Affordable Rate."